A few months old. Years ahead.

Introducing a peer-to-peer platform for pre-owned Ather 450s, one of the most advanced scooters in the country today. Tested by our first batch of owners, upgraded with on-road data and maintained with love, buying a pre-owned Ather 450 is a leap to the future.

Data doesn’t lie

Thanks to data, evaluating the health of an Ather 450 goes beyond just thorough visual inspection. Every pre-owned Ather 450 comes with an Ather Health Certificate issued based on a comprehensive data based inspection on every aspect of the scooter - battery health, expected range, status of peripherals and so on.


Get an price range for a chosen Ather 450 based on the Ather Health Certificate.

Parted with love

Owners of these Ather 450s wouldn’t have parted from their scooter if not for the Ather 450X - the new variant they are upgrading to. Unlike typical second-hand scooters, you get an Ather 450 that’s owned for a really short while and importantly, well-maintained.

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  • We’ll shortlist the right Ather 450 based on your requirements.

  • We’ll connect you to the shortlisted Ather 450 owner.

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