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  • Will Ather provide post purchase support to the customer after the sale? If yes, what kind of support?

    We deeply care about the ownership experience of our customers. Which means we won't stop at just selling the scooter to you, we will ensure that every aspect of your ownership journey, from purchase to after-sales is hassle-free. We’ll offer support in three areas -

    1) charging at Ather Grid - our public fast-charging network. We have a strong Ather Grid network in Bengaluru and a fast-growing one in Chennai. We are committed to building an ubiquitous network of charging points in every city that we enter.
    2) vehicle service - we will have a dedicated service team in every city that we sell in (currently, our teams are present in Bengaluru and Chennai)
    3) over-the-air software upgrades to improve your experience of riding, charging, and using other smart features.

  • Will you provide bundled packs of your services for Ather 450X just as you did with Ather One for Ather 450? If so, what are the costs?

    Yes, we have already announced two packs for Ather 450X - 1) Connect pack that includes data-related features & services and access to over-the-air updates, at a cost of Rs.300 per month(excl GST), 2) Charge pack that includes the Connect pack and access to unlimited fast charging at Ather Grid, at a cost of Rs.400 per month (excl GST).

    Additionally, we are working on a Service pack to take care of the servicing and maintenance needs of Ather 450X. We will reveal the cost of the Service pack soon.