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Gen 3 updates

  • What is the impact on ride dynamics with changes in dimensions and weight of generation 3 of the Ather scooters?

    There is no perceivable difference in dimensions and weight due to hardware changes. So the ride is as thrilling as ever.

  • Is side step compatible with previous generations?

    The side step is built specifically for the new generation of Ather 450X & Ather 450 Plus, the reason why it’s not compatible. It will be available as an accessory for the Gen 3 vehicles in a few months.

  • What are the additional benefits with improved RAM & storage?

    The load time of your existing applications would be quicker and it leaves room for newer apps in the future.

  • Will the new performance tyres be available for sale for the older generation scooters?

    Currently, performance tyres are not available for sale as an accessory.

  • Is it possible to upgrade the older generation scooters with a new battery pack?

    The Gen 3 of Ather 450X and Ather 450 Plus have undergone physical changes to fit the new battery pack, the reason why it is incompatible with the older version of the vehicles.

  • Are the new rear view mirrors compatible with older generation scooters?

    Yes! The rear view mirrors are compatible with all the previous Ather scooters. You can buy a rear view mirror as an accessory at ₹651 inclusive of GST.