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    • How much does it cost to charge the Ather 450X?

      Ather Dot (the home charger) and the portable charger both consume around 4 kWh (Rs. 4-8/kWh) of electricity to fully charge an Ather 450X. Depending on the cost of electricity (per unit), one full charge can cost anywhere between ₹20- ₹35.

      What home charging solutions are available?

      A 250W charger comes bundled in with the Ather 450X. If you purchase the scooter with Pro Pack, you get access to purchase a faster home charger and access to fast charging Ather Grid network.

      What kind of an electrical power socket would be compatible with Ather Dot (home charger) and the portable charger?

      The portable charger would be compatible with a 15A socket (when used with an adaptor) and a 5A socket. Ather Dot comes with a connector that can be plugged into a 5A socket or directly to the circuit breaker.

      How to install Ather Dot? Do I have to pay for the installation?

      Ather Dot - the home charger can be installed by any professional electrician. A step-by-step installation guide that comes along with the charger, gives detailed instructions to make it easy for any trained electrician to install. If you would like us to install it for you, the standard installation would cost ₹1800 excl. of GST. Additional charges may apply for non-standard installation scenarios.

      What do you mean by standard installation and non-standard installation?

      Standard installation: When your parking spot location is such that the length of wiring from your electricity meter to the parking is around 5m, it’s a standard scenario for installation. The cost of cable, conduit and labour comes up to ₹1800 excl. of GST. Non-standard installation: In case the distance between your parking spot and the electricity meter is higher, and it demands wiring exceeding 5 m, it’s a non-standard scenario for installation. In this case, we charge on actuals for extra wire, routing and the labor.

      I stay in a rented apartment / house. What if my landlord or residents association does not agree to install the charger?

      It’s a valid concern, but not a prevalent issue. Among the installations that we have carried out, very few have had permission issues from the landlord or the society. There could be some initial hesitation, but all they need is more information and understanding. In cases where there have been strong apprehension, we will help you out. Also just so that you know, regular installation involves minimal drilling. It just requires four small 6 mm diameter holes for mounting the point and standard drilling holes for wire routing. It’s like installing a geyser, simple enough to be installed by any trained electrician.

      How much does it cost to fast-charge at Ather Grid charging points?

      Charging is free until 30th April '23, post that we will announce the date from which we will start charging a nominal amount for usage. Vehicles purchased on and after 12th April can access Ather Grid only if they have Pro Pack.

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