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  • How much does it cost to charge the Ather 450X?

    Ather Dot -the home charger consumes around 3 kWh of electricity to fully charge an Ather 450X. Depending on the cost of electricity per unit, one full charge may cost anywhere between ₹12 - ₹20 (ballpark domestic electricity tariff).

  • Can the Ather 450X be fast-charged using the home charger (Ather Dot)?

    Ather Dot - the home charger has been designed to let your vehicle charge overnight when it’s lying idle in your parking lot for almost 6-8 leisurely hours. This is because fast charging frequently can have an adverse effect on the battery. The purpose of a fast charger at public locations is to let you stop by, and quickly top-up your vehicle, on your way; if at all the need arises.

  • Why am I offered an Ather Dot (home charger) with my Ather 450X instead of a portable charger that offers me flexibility of carrying it around, and allows me to charge anywhere?

    Yes, we agree that the portable charger gives you the flexibility of charging anywhere. But that might not be the only thing that should guide your choice of a charging solution.
    Both the home charger and the portable charger have been designed keeping in mind different needs and two kinds of vehicle users. The former suits the one who has a designated parking space, has easy access to Ather Grid (our public charging network) and travels say 45-50 km on an average. And the portable charger is for someone who may not have an allotted parking spot, travels longer distances, and may find it difficult to spot Ather Grid (network of charging points) on the everyday route. Having said that, the home charger is designed for overnight charging, and offers a far better experience. It has the following safety features:

    - It is water resistant that lets you charge even during rain showers
    - Auto authentication prevents power thefts from your meter
    - Auto cut-off to deal with power fluctuations
    - quipped with control pilot to keep a check on earthing

    Also no lugging around the charger, because overnight charging should be enough. And the fact that there is an Ather Grid within a reasonable distance from wherever you are should eliminate the need to go hunting for a socket/plug-point with a portable charger in your boot. Saves time, saves effort.

    Things to keep in mind while using the portable charger: Most of the sockets around do not meet the safety standards; hence the portable charger might reject quite a few of them, as the safety of the battery is of utmost importance.

    - Should not be used to charge vehicle when it’s raining
    - The open socket at your parking spot could lead to power theft
    - Lacks Control Pilot that keeps a check on earthing.