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Buyback Assurance

  • What is the buyback assurance? Why is Ather offering it?

    With buyback assurance, customers who purchase Ather 450X or Ather 450 Plus will have the option of returning the vehicle back to Ather at the end of 3 years for a price of Rs.85000 or Rs.70000 respectively. We are offering this buyback assurance to increase the purchasing confidence of customers who are excited about the product but may have concerns about long-term ownership. We are super confident about the product and hence we are offering this assurance to our customers.

  • On what date does the buyback assurance period of 3 years begin?

    The buyback assurance begins from the date of vehicle invoicing.

  • If I purchase accessories such as TPMS, bluetooth helmet, portable charger, will you buyback those along with the vehicle?

    The buyback assurance is applicable only on the vehicle and Ather Dot that comes with it (or portable charger if you opted for it instead of Ather Dot). Other accessories are not covered under buyback.

  • If I have made any modifications to the vehicle, will that affect the buyback assurance in any way?

    It depends on the nature of modification made to the vehicle. Minor cosmetic changes may be acceptable. However, unauthorized structural modifications will void the buyback assurance.

  • Will you guarantee Rs.85,000/Rs.70,000 for Ather 450X / Ather 450 Plus or will deductions be applied?

    No, Rs.85000/70000 is not a 'guaranteed' buyback price. Depending on whether there are damages that have arised (but not due to manufacturing) and the extent of wear and tear of the vehicle, deductions may be applicable. Detailed terms will be available on our website and the buyer’s agreement ahead of your purchase.

  • Is there a complete list of terms and conditions that I can refer to?

    We have published the terms and conditions of the Buyback Assurance here

  • Can Ather buy back the vehicle after 4-5 years or 1-2 years instead of 3 years? If yes, what's the buyback price? If not, why not?

    We are offering the buyback assurance to build the purchasing confidence of customers who are excited about the product but may have concerns about long-term ownership. We think most customers would continue to own the vehicle even after 3 years instead of opting for buyback. Why 3 years and not another number? Based on our research, 3 years is a sweet spot that meets both the customer's and firm's objectives. We do not offer buyback for other durations such as 5 years or 1 year since the objective of this guarantee is to provide confidence to purchase and 3 years does the job. If you're looking for a short term ownership option, there's the lease option for that anyway.

  • Do I have to return the vehicle exactly at the end of 36 months? Can I return a few months earlier or later?

    We will be open for buyback from the 30th month of ownership until the end of the 36th month.

  • If I have taken the vehicle on loan, will the buyback assurance apply?

    Yes, the buyback assurance applies. However, you have to ensure complete closure of loans and any other liability ahead of the 3 years period.

  • If I have purchased the vehicle from someone else within 3 years of the vehicle's sale by Ather, will you buyback the vehicle from me?

    No, your vehicle will become ineligible for buyback if you've purchased it from another customer.