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Battery Subscription

  • What is battery subscription?

    In battery subscription, you purchase the scooter upfront without the battery. Over several months of selling Ather 450, we realised that there are customers who find our product highly desirable but have concerns about battery life, battery replacement costs, and degradation of performance over time. We are very confident about the longevity and reliability of our batteries and even offer a 3-year unlimited km warranty. However, to quell such concerns, we've designed the battery subscription plan by bundling multiple features such as cost of leasing the battery, assurance of consistent performance, unlimited battery replacement when the capacity drops below 80% of original capacity, as well as unlimited fast charging at Ather Grid, access to over-the-air upgrades and connected services (includes data usage costs and data storage costs).

  • Do I have to pay for battery subscription after purchasing at INR 149000 for Ather 450 Plus or INR 159000 for Ather 450X (ex-showroom)?

    Of course not. At these prices, you would have bought the scooter with the battery. On top of this, you can opt for the connected services pack at ₹300 per month or the Ather Charge pack (incl. unlimited fast charging in Ather Grid, connected services) at ₹400 per month.

  • What's included in battery subscription? What's not included in battery subscription?

    In battery subscription, you purchase the scooter upfront without the battery. You also pay for the battery's performance as a subscription, which is what results in unlimited warranty. The battery subscription also includes data services, over-the air updates, unlimited fast charging at Ather Grid. If you've subscribed to this plan, whenever your battery degrades to anything less than 80% of its original capacity, we'll replace it with a new one. This works like your regular warranty, but for the entire lifetime of the scooter. This plan would be ideal if you want your scooter to provide a consistently high performance throughout its life, without you ever worrying about degradation. Another salient feature of this subscription plan is that you can switch between Ather 450 Plus and Ather 450X depending on your usage needs, which you can't do if you buy the vehicle upfront.

    What's not included in this cost - periodic servicing, charging cost reimbursement.

  • Do I have to pay for battery subscription forever?

    No. You don't have to. We have exit options if you want out at any point of time by paying an exit fee. This is similar to exiting from a standard loan mechanism, where, at the time of exit, you pay for the value of the battery depending on what month/year you are exiting. However, once you've exited, you will not have access to connected services, and public fast charging that were originally bundled into the plan. You will have to opt for these services separately through other add-on packs.

  • What happens if I don't pay for battery subscription for 1-2 months?

    We are still working on these details. The subscription works on a "pay-as-you-go" model. There will be a grace period (duration not defined yet), post which we reserve the right to disable the services provided to you as a part of the subscription.

  • What if I go on a vacation and don't use my vehicle?

    We have a snooze option that you can activate once a year for a month. During this time, you only have to pay a nominal fee of ₹500 instead of ₹1699 for Ather 450 Plus or ₹1999 for Ather 450X.

  • I am not sure whether paying INR 1699 for Ather 450 Plus or INR 1999 for Ather 450X per month makes sense for my level of usage. Is there another plan for a light user like me?

    The Ather 450 Plus and Ather 450X variants have been designed to offer different features and performance levels notwithstanding the amount of usage. However, if you think that the monthly subscription cost doesn't make sense, you can choose to buy the vehicle upfront at ₹149000 or ₹159000. With light usage, your battery degradation is likely to be minimal, and the usable battery life would be longer than that of a heavy usage scenario. It anyway comes with a warranty of 3 years, but the battery has been built to last much longer, so you won't have to worry about replacement for several years.

  • Can I buy the Ather 450X for INR 99000 and not opt for battery subscription?

    Nope. The amount of ₹99000 is for the scooter without the battery. If you don't wish to opt for battery subscription, you can always buy the Ather 450X upfront.

  • Can I switch from Ather 450 Plus to Ather 450X later by paying INR 10000 if I buy the vehicle upfront and not opt for battery subscription?

    The ability to switch will only be possible if you've opted for the battery subscription model.

  • What are connected services? Why does this cost money? Is it mandatory to go for this?

    The Ather 450X is not just a powerful electric scooter. It is a smart & connected scooter too. This means it connects to the internet and to your phone to unlock a whole lot of value and convenience for your ride. Usability of navigation, access to new features and enhancements through over-the-air upgrades, and access to vehicle information on your phone via the app all are included in connected services. To enable connectivity, the vehicle comes with a 4G SIM on which there's a monthly cost for data. Additionally, giving users access to their own vehicle's data requires the data to be stored, which is another cost that's included in the battery subscription plan. If you choose the battery subscription way, connected services are included by default and there's no provision to opt out of connected services alone. If you purchase the Ather 450X upfront, it's your call whether you wish to opt for the connected services pack.If you do not opt for it, you just may not be able to experience the true potential of an intelligent electric scooter like the Ather 450X.

  • If I purchase the Ather 450X upfront, what's the cost of battery replacement?

    YYou have the standard battery warranty for 3 years for unlimited kms. If your battery health dips below 70% in this period, it'll be replaced under warranty. If you wish to replace the battery after the warranty period (which may not be required!), you can purchase it from us. The cost of the battery today is equivalent to the difference in the down payment amount between full purchase and battery subscription models.

  • If I opt for the battery subscription plan, and in the future Ather comes up with a new upgraded battery pack, will I be able to upgrade to that when my battery is due for replacement?

    We would love to do that. However, we are still working out how this could pan out and will keep you posted once we have the answers.

  • Is there a quarterly or annual payment option available for the Ather 450 Plus & Ather 450X subscription plans?

    There is no quarterly or annual payment option as per our current plans. However, we will consider incorporating these payment options.

  • Why is there no unlimited battery warranty for upfront purchase?

    When you take a battery subscription plan, it means that we are responsible for the upkeep of the battery performance - which is why we offer an unlimited battery replacement. In fact, we provide this as long as you are on the battery subscription plan. The same can't hold true in case of upfront purchase.

  • How does the battery degrade? How much does it degrade over time and with heavy usage?

    There are two components to battery degradation - 1) calendar aging, 2) distance or number of charging cycles. Our estimate is that the degradation might be about 20% in over 3 years due to calendar aging and 2% over that for every 10000 km of distance covered.