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To get your Ather TPMS up & running.

    • 1. Ather TPMS

      When getting my tyres changed, what happens to the TPMS?

      TPMS is fitted under the rim of the tyres and it does not have to be moved during a tyre change. However, for a rim change, TPMS has to be fitted to the new rims.

      How does low tyre pressure impact my scooter’s range?

      Maintaining the ideal tyre pressure is a key factor in achieving optimum range. With every drop of 2 PSI units in pressure, the range tends to reduce by 2-3%.

      How will Ather TPMS improve my scooter’s performance?

      Ather TPMS is a pair of sensors that alerts you when the tyre pressure is high or low. Maintaining the ideal tyre pressure improves range, suspension response & overall ride quality.

      How is an internal TPMS different from an external one?

      Internal TPMS

      • Actual tyre pressure readings
      • Higher accuracy, sturdy & safe
      • Need not be reset after tyre rotation and/or inflation

      External TPMS

      • Lesser accuracy, and prone to damage & theft
      • Must be reset after every tyre rotation and/or inflation

      How much does the Ather TPMS cost ?

      The price of Ather TPMS is ₹4,999 inclusive of GST. The cost of installation is on us.

      Can the Ather TPMS be installed on other electric or ICE scooters?

      No, the accessory is only compatible with the Ather 450X.

      How long will the battery on the TPMS ideally last for?

      TPMS has a non-replaceable battery, and is expected to last for 3-5 years. It’s covered under a 1 year warranty from the date of installation.

      What happens to the TPMS during wheel rotation?

      The TPMS sensors will be paired again at the service center after the wheel rotation.

      How long will it take to install TPMS on my scooter?

      It usually takes around 4-6 hours for the installation. There could be slight delays based on resource availability. Kindly check with your service center for an accurate timeline.

      Is TPMS currently available at my Ather Space?

      While we’re trying to ensure TPMS is available across all locations, reach out to your Ather Space for confirmation.

      Can I get the TPMS installed at a local service center of my choice?

      TPMS is an internal accessory and you should only get the installation done at an Ather authorized service center. Also, the 1 year warranty will be invalid if the installation is done anywhere else.

      How can I claim warranty for TPMS if there’s an issue within 1 year of purchase?

      All you need to do is share the invoice and we will take care of the rest. Read the terms & conditions for TPMS.

      My scooter is eligible for the buyback policy, will TPMS be considered as well?

      The buyback policy is only applicable for the scooter and does not cover any other additional accessories like TPMS.

      Do I need an Ather Connect subscription to use TPMS?

      To monitor tyre pressure on the scooter dashboard you do not need any subscription. For remote monitoring on the Ather App, you need a Connect Pro subscription. FYI - Currently, Ather Connect Pro subscription is free for all.

      What happens when one of the TPMS sensors is damaged? Will I have the option to purchase a single unit?

      In case of any damage to a TPMS sensor, both sensors have to be replaced. Ather TPMS can only be bought in pairs.

      Will I get free pick up & drop for TPMS installation if I have a Service Pro subscription?

      Service Pro subscription does not cover the pick up and drop for the installation of accessories. If you would like us to pick-up & drop off your scooter, it can be done at an additional service charge of ₹500 + GST.

      When riding with a flat tyre, will the TPMS be damaged?

      It is generally not advisable to ride a scooter with flat tyres due to safety reasons. It can also damage the rim of the wheels and the TPMS.

      If I take an Ather 450X on lease, will TPMS be already installed on the scooter?

      TPMS is an additional accessory that a customer can choose to install. This will not be included in the leasing plan & will have no effect after the lease term ends.

      2. Ather side step

      What is so different about the Ather side step?

      Unlike usual side steps, it’s built keeping in mind the vehicle design. For once it looks good and performs great.
      Seamless design: Blends with the vehicle
      Super sturdy: Single cast aluminum structure
      Great grip: Premium rubber surface for firmer sole grip
      Hands-free opening and closing: High quality bi-directional spring. Never use your hands, ever

      I have an Ather 450X, can I get the side step installed?

      It’s only compatible with Ather 450X and Plus Gen 3 and future versions. We had to make physical changes in the vehicle to accommodate the side step.

      How much does the Ather side step cost?

      It’s ₹2199 inclusive of GST and installation cost.

      Is it possible to get the Ather side step fitted from a local garage?

      Our original side step is available only in Ather experience centers and service centers. Your scooter is best in our hands, so we would never recommend that. But if you absolutely wish to, yes it is possible. However, it would void the warranty.

      What is the warranty of the Ather side step?

      It’s a one year warranty from the date of invoicing. Take a look at the terms & conditions for Ather side step.

      How do I claim the warranty?

      You just need to share the invoice, we’ll take it up from there.

      Where can I buy the Ather side step?

      It’s available at all Ather experience centers and service centers.

      3. Ather Helmet

      How do I know which helmet size fits me the best ?

      Well, your ideal helmet size will be based on the form of your head. You can refer the following to understand the sizing better - M - 570mm, L - 580mm & XL - 600mm.
      A comfortable and right fit helmet is a must for safe riding.

      What sizes are available for the helmets?

      Ather helmets come in 3 comfortable sizes - M, L & XL.

      Which tests do the Ather helmets go through?

      IMPACT ABSORPTION TEST - Determines the impact energy that a helmet can absorb when dropped from a certain height.

      RIGIDITY TEST - Determines the rigidity of the shell of the helmet by measuring the deformation of the helmet shell when progressively more load is applied up to a set limit.

      RETENTION TEST - Determines the dynamic displacement, residual displacement and damage to the retention system in order to assess the suitability of the helmet.

      What is the warranty on Ather helmets ?

      Ather helmets come with a warranty of 2 years from the date of purchase. <a href=""_blank"> Read the terms & conditions for Ather helmets.

      How will I claim the warranty?

      Simply produce the invoice at your nearest Ather experience center and we’ll take it from there.

      Read the terms & conditions for Ather helmets. <a href=""_blank">

      Where can I buy the Ather helmets?

      Ather helmets are available at your nearest Ather Space. While we try to ensure a steady supply across our network, please check with your Ather Space for stock availability before dropping by to get one.

      What are the USPs of Ather helmets?

      • Superior quality visor tested under extreme road conditions
      • Water tight interface visor, well suited for wet & rainy conditions
      • Detachable visor - Easy quick cleaning & replacement
      • UV resistant, long-lasting polyurethane paint finish
      • Single hand ease of operation - One large top vent in half face. One large top & front switch in full face helmet
      • Plush lycra interiors, breathable padding & superior cheek foam for better comfort & longer life
      • ISI (IS: 4151) certified

      How much do Ather helmets cost?

      Ather helmets are available in two styles and are priced at:
      Half-face helmet - ₹2299
      Full-face helmet - ₹2999

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