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Collector’s Edition | Series 1

  • What is Collector's Edition Ather 450X? What is Series 1?

    In January 2020, in the lead up to the unveil of Ather 450X, we ran a Book-by-invite only program for which we received an overwhelming response from customers who booked the vehicle without knowing anything about its specs or price. These super enthusiasts deserved something exclusive, and as a tribute to them, we've designed Series 1, what we earlier called Collector's Edition Ather 450X.

  • Will Ather 450X Series 1 have different performance specs as well compared to Ather 450X? Is it priced differently?

    From a performance, specs or pricing perspective, Series 1 is not different from Ather 450X. The differentiation stems from the unique design and its exclusivity to our super enthusiasts! And no, the price at which it's available for the eligible customers is the price of Ather 450X in any other colour.

  • What's special about Ather 450X Series 1?

    Series 1 has been designed to celebrate the best-in-class performance of the Ather 450X - its power, torque, acceleration and it's light hybrid aluminum frame chassis, by using premium color & finish, and a first for Indian roads, a vehicle with translucent panels. Series 1 comes with a high-gloss metallic Black body colour to amp up the premiumness. The mirror sheen of this colour is made even more special by a mix of gold, silver and blue flecks in the paint, casting warm highlights and cool shadows along the panel contours. It carries a single bold red stroke that travels across multiple surfaces of the front fairing, a red exposed frame, a red monoshock and sporty red decal on the wheel rim - design choices inspired by motorsports, the epitome of automotive performance. Most importantly, it comes with translucent panels, a first in the auto industry in the country! Just as some of the world’s most iconic computers, gaming controllers have been developed with transparent casings to celebrate the hardware inside, the Ather 450X has translucent panels to celebrate the cast-Aluminium trellis frame.

  • I booked Ather 450X after Feb 2020. Can I still purchase Ather 450X Series 1 by paying a premium?

    Ather 450X Series 1 is an exclusive limited edition design of Ather 450X that's being made for a bunch of super enthusiastic customers who booked the vehicle even before its unveil on January 28th 2020. It's not available for purchase by other customers at this point.

  • Will the translucent panels be reliable? Will the vehicle warranty/insurance be applicable for these as well?

    The translucent panels are made of high automotive grade plastic, and have undergone standard testing, making them highly reliable. In any case, they'll come with a warranty of 3 years just as the vehicle, and insurance will be applicable in the event of theft, accident or another hazard.

  • You've mentioned that the translucent panels will be fit later to the vehicle after purchase and delivery. When will they be available? Why is there a delay to get the translucent panels?

    The translucent panels are expected to be available from May 2021 for all our Series 1 customers. This is the first time any automotive brand in India is attempting translucent body panels on actual vehicles being sold to customers. There is some ground to cover here with our supplier and hence the proposed timeline.

  • Are the translucent panels available for purchase separately?

    The translucent panels have been designed in line with the 'Inside Out' design theme that we chose exclusively for Series 1. At this point, we are not looking to make it available for purchase separately by non-Series 1 customers. If a lot of customers find it too irresistible, we may consider making it available for purchase separately at a future date.

  • I've booked Series 1. The delivery timeline for my city has not been confirmed yet. Will I get Series 1 when you start delivering in my city?

    We've only planned for Series 1 until the end of this financial year (Mar 2021). We hope to get to your city soon. If we do, there's no doubt that we'll get you a Series 1. However, in case we aren't able to do so before Q1 2021, don't worry, we'll have something exciting nevertheless for the earliest set of customers in every city!

  • I've booked the Series 1 but I want to buy the Ather 450 Plus as I am happy with its specs and pricing. Can I get the Series 1 design in Ather 450 Plus?

    Series 1 is an exclusive variant designed around performance. It's the best that we have to offer and it obviously deserves the top-of-the-line specs of Ather 450X. Hence, we're making it available only in Ather 450X, not in Ather 450 Plus.

  • What are the benefits associated with booking Series 1?

    Complimentary t-shirt from our merchandise + 1-year free servicing.

  • What all does the 1-year free service benefit for booking Series 1 include?

    It includes scheduled / periodic servicing (once every 5000 km, typically twice a year based on usage) including doorstep pick up and return + Roadside assistance.

  • During the unveil, you spoke about sharing preference whether or not I want Series. How can I share my preference for Series 1? When is the last date to share the preference?

    If you have booked the Series 1, you should have / will receive an email from us asking you to share your preference via a Typeform. If you haven't, please reach out to our Customer Support team on [email protected] There is no hard deadline. However, we recommend doing this at the earliest.

  • If I have missed this recommended timeline to share the preference for Series 1, what should I do?

    We are producing a limited number of Series 1 vehicles. If you've missed sharing your preference by this date, don't worry. Please do write to our team and we'll do our best to get you one.

  • I have given my preference for Series 1 via the Typeform. Can I change it later?

    Yes, at the time of completing your purchase, you can opt for another colour if you change your mind.

  • Is there a last date associated with Series 1 purchase?

    If you've booked Series 1, we can hold onto the Series 1 vehicle for 2 weeks from when your purchase window is open. Beyond that, your chance to grab Series 1 will expire.

  • Can I transfer my Series 1 order from my city to a friend in another city? Is there a last date for this? How to do this?

    Yes, you can transfer the Series 1 order across cities. The last date to do this is 31st December. Please reach out to our Customer Support team (for Bengaluru, Chennai) or our dealer partner (for other cities) and they will guide you on the process.

  • I booked Ather 450X via CRED but I don't have a strong need for a vehicle now. Can I purchase the Series 1 next year?

    We may not be able to hold on to your Series 1 for that long. We expect to have delivered all Series 1 vehicles by Q1 2021 or even earlier. If your want for the vehicle trumps your need, why wait? Go for it now.

  • Can I take the Series 1 on a 1-year or 2-year lease?

    Yes, Series 1 will be available on lease.