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Specs & Features

  • How big is the charging point?

    Keeping in mind the space constraints, we have developed 3 types of charging point - a wall mounted, floor mounted and also there’s one that’s perfect for cramped walls. Here are the dimensions: Wall mounted Point with a backdrop: 880 x 970 x 85 mm (L x B x D) Floor mounted Point with a stand: 1830 x 30 x 85 mm = (H x L x D) Point for cramped spaces (Point & banner only without backdrop): 600 x 970 x 85 mm Dimension of the Distribution Box: 850 x 50 x 300 mm Dimension of the Point: 480mm x 970mm x 85 mm

  • How much electricity would a charging point consume?

    The maximum electricity consumption for fast charging an Ather vehicle (charging 0 to 100%) will be ~3 kWh, per charging session.

  • Is the charging point waterproof?

    The distribution box & the Point have got an IP54 & IP55 rating, respectively. What does that mean? It can bear the rain showers and the absent-minded humans, who might sometimes end up accidentally washing up the Point, along with their vehicle. IP54 - Protection against dust and water spray from any direction. IP55 - Protection against dust and low-pressure water jets from any direction. Note: IP stands for Ingress Protection