Durability & Reliability Vehicle Durability Engineer

2 - 4 Years

you’ll be our:  Vehicle Durability test engineer

you’ll be based at: N S Palya Proto lab / IBC

you’ll be Aligned with: On Road Durability Team

you’ll be A member of: Durability & Reliability

What will I be doing at Ather?

  • Responsible for ORD and Cam drum vehicle level measurements.

  • Responsible for cam drum rig activities are followed as per Cam drum profiles.

  • Responsible for cam drum pre and post test  inspections and identifying the vehicle  failures.

  • Carry out testing as per the request from the test engineers.

  • Maintain all ORD vehicles scheduled service logs and measurement logs and report to the manager.

  • Do preliminary root cause analysis on the failures observed on ORD and cam drum vehicles and give details of the failures observed to Engineers.

  • Reporting bugs in a comprehensive manner.

  • Manage the riders and the technicians to ensure that the necessary result is achieved. 

  • Maintains vehicle condition by listening to test riders complaints, conducting inspections, repairing mechanical and electrical systems as instructed, replacing parts and components, repairing body damage.

  • Maintains the vehicle upkeep by recording service and repairs.

  • Responsible for test standards/procedure creation suit the testing needs. 

  • Responsible for creating quality test reports with relevant information.

  • Calibration of key test equipment and measurement instruments.

What kind of experience & skills do I need for this role?

  • Vehicle durability engineer should be understanding the product and testing processes that the program/swimlane is looking for. 

  • Vehicle durability engineer  must have competence to understand technical content and need to be aligned with the objective of testing tasks.

  • Good understanding  of the vehicle and its Mechanical & H/w component functions.

  • Vehicle durability engineer  should be capable of technical understanding of a few unique test cases and test data analysis. 

  • Test data management.

  • Technical evaluation on Cam drum and ORD vehicle level mechanical measurements.

  •  CFT’ on cam drum and ORD bugs whenever required.

  • Should be aware of ORD and Cam drum test standard and SOP.

What should I have graduated in?

  • Diploma / Bachelor’s in Mechanical & Electrical or related field.

  • 3+ years of experience in Vehicle level Durability testing in the automotive field

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