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Creative Communication Designer - Employer Branding

0 - 3 Years

YOU’’LL BE OUR: Communication Designer - Employer Branding 

YOU’’LL BE BASED AT : IBC Knowledge Park

YOU’’LL BE ALIGNED WITH: Communication Designer | Employer Branding 

YOU’’LL BE A MEMBER OF : Marketing Creative

What You’ll do at ather

  • In this role, you’ll be working as a communication designer in the creative design team and working with the inhouse team of recruiters, technologists and designers to drive the employer brand and the hiring communication strategy. 

  • You’ll shape and help share our employer brand with employees and potential employees

  • This design role has shades of branding, strategy, communication and marketing.

  • How does the brand communicate with everyone who works at Ather? What is this relationship and how do we communicate/develop it?

  • How the brand talks to potential employees and helps them understand Ather before they join, welcomes them when they do, maintains and grows this conversation while they work with us and how to say goodbye when they are ready to leave. 

Here’s What we Are Looking for: 

  • 0-3 years of visual design experience 

  • And an eye for clean design. 

You Bring to Ather:

  • Creativity and Knowledge of Adobe suite. Degree or job experience is not as important as ideas.

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