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Cell Lead Cell Engineer

4 - 6 Years

YOU’LL BE OUR: Lead Cell Engineer
YOU’LL BE BASED AT: IBC Knowledge Park, Bengaluru
YOU’LL BE ALIGNED WITH: Team Lead - Cell Engineering
YOU’LL BE A MEMBER OF: Cell Engineering

● Scope out and benchmark available cell technology in the industry
● Select cells for use in Ather’s product portfolio based on developing and understanding holistic product requirements, and prepare a multi-year cell strategy based on cost and technology projections
● Qualify cells for use through intensive and thorough testing and characterization - covering performance, safety, aging characteristics, pack assembly compatibility
● Collaborate with the battery engineering team to design packs using the selected cells, taking care of requirements ranging from mechanical integration, joining techniques, thermal management, BMS monitoring and control, quality systems
● Set up data analytics tools to derive insights from large data sets of lab testing as well as data from the field
● Build cell degradation forecasting models using insights from testing, fleet performance, theoretical understanding
● Drive interactions and collaboration with existing and prospective cell suppliers
● Technically assess manufacturing process and quality parameters at cell suppliers’ factories
● Be the technical point of contact for commercial agreement closure with cell vendors
● Evaluate new tools that help in quicker technology evaluation by actively engaging with the battery characterization and simulation community
● Oversee evolving industry trends in alternate technologies in energy storage
● Laboratory setups, test plan preparation, technician supervision

● 5+ years of work experience with Li-ion cells
● Expertise in the fundamentals of electrochemistry
● Deep understanding of the dominant chemistries, trade-offs between them, factors that influence performance
● Should have dealt with large datasets of cell aging data, and developed a keen understanding on what factors influence degradation and to what extent
● Familiarity with tools and statistical methods to bring out insights from large datasets
● Deep understanding of cell manufacturing processes
● Hands-on experience of assembling cells from scratch 

● Analytical methods to assess cell characteristics - SEM/EDX/EIS

● Masters/PhD in Electrochemistry or a related field
● Eye for detail, problem finder and solver
● Strong interpersonal skills to build relationships and collaborate with both internal and external stakeholders
● Strong self-learning ability
● Explorer mentality to keep pushing boundaries

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