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IT Infrastructure CloudOps lead

4 - 6 Years

You’ll be our: CloudOps Lead

You’ll be based at: IBC Knowledge Park, Bengaluru

You’ll be Aligned with: Head- IT

You’ll be a member of: IT Cloud Ops Team

What you’ll do at Ather

  • Oversee Production Ops: performing routine system updates to installing entirely new elements, will need to be monitored and guided by the Cloud Ops lead. Will be responsible for overall cloud application uptime and performance including cost consumption and security posture. Implement cloud best practices and apprise of latest changes to tech.

  • Deployments and IaaC: working with developers to create deployment files, helm charts, playbooks etc following Infra as a Code principle. Should be mastered in K8s, cloud run, terraform, autoscaling and deployment concepts to move builds in CICD

  • Automation: experience in python/bash scripts to automate jobs. Exposure to java/javascript, Go etc languages is advantage

  • Record Data: Creating compliance/performance/incident report, uptime SLA/SLO/CSAT reports

  • Implement Processes and Procedures: in compliance to ISO27001 or organization decided policy he is responsible to implement the processes and procedures and set a control mechanism around it to ensure its followed.

  • Vendor Management: works with external vendors to support software and operations. Establish strong partnerships with those vendors to set clear expectations.

Here’s what we are looking for

  • Attention to Detail – incident management, eye on minute details to avoid issues proactively. Conducting RCA and fix the issue.

  • Team player – capable of handling L1/L2 team in 24x7 envt, take escalation and resolve team issues

  • Extensive HandsOn Technical Knowledge – GCP/AWS migrations from on-premise to cloud or cloud-cloud, VPC, cloud native security tools, Automation , Ansible , Gitlab , Nagios, Cloudwatch/stackdriver , Grafana/ELK, Logstash, prometheus, Kubernetes, Gitlab, Helm charts, ansible playbooks, Jenkin, terraform, cloud run, cloud formation, Anthos CICD, Dockerfile,implement microservice architecture, SAST/DAST/IAST security tools and quality gates.

  • Management Skills – excellent people skills in order to effectively manage Cross functional communication

  • Certification – AWS/ GCP Architect / Jenkins / DevOps / DevSecOps

  • Communication Skills – collaborate to strategize, plan and deploy with both higher-ups and lower-down in hierarchy for effective execution

  • Multi-tasker, well organized and thrive in fast-paced, high-stress scenarios

  • Experience designing secure networks, systems and application architectures

  • Knowledge of capacity planning , disaster recovery planning and execution

  • Experience planning, researching and developing policies, standards and procedures

  • Setup monitoring system and issue resolution across applications and infra

  • Available 24x7 to address critical issues.

You bring to Ather

  • 2 to 4 years of relevant experience in the eCommerce/B2C/BFSI industry

  • Graduate in Computer Science with certifications in AWS/GCP/DevOps

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