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Sales Operations EC Manager

4 - 6 Years

you’ll be our: EC Manager

you’ll be based at:Delhi, India

you’ll be Aligned with:Area Sales Manager

you’ll be a member of:Sales Team

What you’ll do at Ather: 

  • Meet pre-order test ride targets for the Experience Centre (EC)

  • Manage, guide, and engage the Product Specialist team at the EC 

  • Prepare a monthly roster and leave management for the Product Specialist team

  • Control and solve for any issues  to avoid negative escalations from the EC

  • Conduct regular training and review sessions with product specialists

  • Provide superior customer experience through pitches/interaction with customers visiting the EC

  • Provide superior test ride experience to the customer by clearly explaining the features to focus on before the ride, and visual demonstration post the ride

  • Provide relevant information on Financing Options and Subscriptions to the customer

  • Enable and guide the customer to place a pre-order for the vehicle at the EC/inform about the option to pre-order online

  • Solicit customer feedback through the microsite, to ensure customer experience is constantly improving

  • Provide accurate information to ensure the customer leaves the EC with all questions answered  

  • Provide customer feedback to aid in customer profiling

  • Provide a detailed delivery briefing to the customer and ensure a superior delivery experience

  • Ensure customer’s relevant details are updated on the FAME portal at the time of delivery. Follow-up on incomplete cases to ensure closure before deadline

  • Provide delivery feedback through the microsite to ensure the customer experience is constantly improving

  • Ensure all checklists and Standard Operating Procedures are diligently implemented to reduce contingencies. Ensure lessons learnt are integrated to improve the SOPs

  • Stay updated with industry information and competitor offerings

  • Constantly refresh product and accessory information to ensure accurate information is available to the customer

  • Ensure tools like Order Management System and Floor Staff Tool are updated in a timely manner so that accurate reports are generated

  • Quarterly audit of assets and upkeep of the EC

Here’s what we are looking for:

  • Understanding people - Good listeners who can adapt themselves to different situations and share feedback and suggestions openly and constructively

  • Convincing People - Amazing negotiators and persuasive communicators who can adopt perspectives that suit the situation, while also standing for ideas that support the organisation

  • Establishing rapport - Great at putting people at ease, making them feel welcome and connected to the product ecosystem & brand

  • Interacting with people - An obvious requirement for a Sales person! Go-getters who can network and interact with a host of people, within and outside Ather, and use this data to shape decisions

  • Managing tasks - Multi-tasking wizards who know the importance of planning, prioritising, and organising before jumping to execution

  • Team working - Encouraging team contributions in decision making, and driving work within and between teams

You bring to Ather:

  • 4 to 6 years of experience in Retail Operations

  • An automobile enthusiast with the passion to learn more about automobiles and what’s happening in the automotive world

  • Good communication skills in English. Ability to communicate in any other regional language is desirable

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