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Sales Operations Sales Operation Manager

3 - 5 Years

you’ll be our: Sales Operations Manager

you’ll be based at:Delhi, India

you’ll be Aligned with:EC Manager

you’ll be a member of:Sales Team

What you’ll do at Ather: 

  • Own the delivery experience of Ather customers. Ensure that customers are delivered their product within expected timelines and as per Ather’s delivery process

  • Help the team to close all required steps from invoice to delivery to ensure the above

  • Ensure that there is no ageing stock at Ather >15 days post invoicing

  • Support team to work with various stakeholders (RTO, Number plates, vehicle polishing, give-aways etc.) to complete all formalities as per process

  • Ensure that the Order Management System is updated in a timely manner to ensure that accurate reports are generated

  • Follow-up with the Business Software team to debug errors faced during the delivery process

  • Make the process practical. Raise all process issues and drive resolution of the same to ensure an exceptionally high level of customer satisfaction during delivery

Here’s what we are looking for:

  • Examining information - Excels at gathering data, processing information, and finding solutions

  • Providing insights - Works on identifying key issues to make effective decisions, all while keeping the philosophy of continuous improvement in mind

  • Managing tasks - Multi-tasking wizards who know the importance of planning, prioritising, and organising before jumping to execution

  • Team working - Encouraging team contributions in decision making, and driving work within and between teams

You bring to Ather:

  • 3-5 years of relevant work experience

  • Strong team management and communication skills

  • Ability to drive operational excellence

  • Ability to drive cross functional teams

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