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Finance & Accounts Finance lead – Plant Finance

4 - 6 Years

you’ll be our:  Finance lead – Plant Finance

you’ll be based at:  Hosur Plant

you’ll be Aligned with: Plant Finance Manager

you’ll be a member of:  Finance & Accounts


What you’ll do at Ather:

● Work with swim lane members to assess the Cost effectiveness and controls related to Logistic / Warehouse / spares function etc.

● All Accounting Operations related to Plant location it Includes Invoice booking (material / consumable / service etc), raising Debit / credit note , Creation of Sale Invoice for material sale ,Approval of DC / STO Documents , Issue of E way Bills ,Scrap Invoicing ,RMA document creation.

● Control / analysis and evaluation of cost data, cost estimates at BOM level and support teams in cost reduction programs

● Work Closely with the Material team for Material Planning related activities like MRP / Long lead Item control / E & O related matters, working capital Impact , stock policy etc and finance control over it.

● Plant MIS report and analysis related to BOM Cost , Conversion cost , logistic cost etc with concerned plant and corporate teams.

● Review of actual results versus established benchmarks, analysis on significant variances.

● Coordination with the corporate finance team for monthly / quarterly financial closings from finance team.

● Responsible for the coordination of the Physical Inventory and/ or cycle counts encompassing all stock at the plants. Ensures proper levels for counting, audits, data entry; and auditors in responsibilities; assures accurate valuation and recording of results. Manages monthly inventory reporting.

● Work for all Plant related process / control / change mechanism as team member and take care of all financial / Tax / Audit angle in same.

● Work with SAP Team for implementation / Improvement in existing SAP system from finance side.

● Apply first principles thinking for every financial decision/activity in swimlane meetings

Here’s what we are looking for:

● Good understanding of plant manufacturing processes and working experience specific with Logistic, warehouse , spares point side.

● Well versed with accounting standard and manufacturing accounting requirement.

● Understanding of Logistic / conversion /BOM cost with working experience .

● Well versed with Tax matter related to manufcaturing.


You bring to Ather:

● 4-6 years of experience in Plant Finance activity and adept in agile way of working.

● Part of Plant Finance team and work with Logistic, Warehouse and Spares team as finance lead.

● CA with 4-6 years of experience

Required abilities

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  • Other:

Work Environment Details:

Specific requirements

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Other details

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