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Sales Operations Lead Sales Operations

10 - 16 Years

you’ll be our:  Lead - Sales Operations

you’ll be based at: IBC Knowledge Park, Bengaluru 

you’ll be Aligned with:  Head - Sales

you’ll be a member of:  Sales Team

What you’ll do at Ather:

  • A breakthrough product, overwhelming initial response, a highly engaged community, and a retail partner network capable of taking us pan-India. The Ather 450X is at the  forefront of a historic transformation of two-wheeler commute in India

  • EVs are poised to account for 25% share in the Indian automotive Industry by 2025 and the scooter industry will lead this shift in demand. It is widely estimated that by 2025, 35-40% of scooters sold will be electric.  Having geared up manufacturing and supply chain for this kind of scale, our focus now is on setting up a sales engine that will deliver a 3X growth year on year over the coming years. We need you to own and build a sales operations organization to support this ambition

  • Responsibilities will extend beyond just sales numbers and targets. Your role is to build a highly driven team that can scale, manage strong relationships with our retail partners and deliver business outcomes. You will need to define the ways of work that ensure high engagement and operational excellence, be it at a company-owned experience centre or at a retail partner owned business unit. Over the years, you will need to plan for growth of the teams and also retail partners, not just from a capacity point of view but also capability

Here’s what we are looking for: 

  • We are looking for someone who is not just process-oriented but is inherently skilled at managing people, experiences  and is detail-oriented

  • As we work in a matrix organization structure, the ability to build positive relationships with internal Cross functional teams (CFTs) and stakeholder functions such as Marketing, Sales Strategy, Network and Finance is important

  • Empowering Individuals - Adept at inspiring & motivating other people. Go out of their way to encourage others 

  • Meticulous - Highly attentive to detail. Regard themselves as perfectionists and ensure a high level of quality. Are very thorough with their approach and want things done properly.

  • Generating Ideas - Enjoys the creative process and is fluent in generating ideas. Is willing to experiment with radical solutions to problems

  • Developing Strategies - Is able to think long term and create an inspiring vision for the future. 

  • Articulating Information - Enjoy meeting people and are confident in the presence of people/ strangers. Good at explaining things and giving presentations

You bring to Ather: 

  • A Postgraduate or  graduate degree in Business or Engineering from a Tier I/Tier II institute

  • The ideal candidate has 10+ years experience in the automobile and niche/high involvement product domains. Strong command over retail sales processes, channel management and demand forecasting is a must

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