Product Evangelism Lead - Product Evangelism

7 - 10 Years

you’ll be our: Lead - Product Evangelism

you’ll be based at:IBC Knowledge Park, Bengaluru

you’ll be Aligned with:Head - Sales

you’ll be a member of:Sales Team

What you’ll do at Ather: 

  • You’re our sales team’s best friend. You make sure they have everything they need to turn leads into sales and to do outbound prospecting. Playbooks, battle cards, prospect ready videos, conversion tips and tricks, FAQs, product teasers, facts & figures, and other great funnel catalysts are your preferred tools

  • You approve/co-develop/share requirements for any promotional content/collaterals used for Ather’s Products by the Sales Channel. You are responsible for implementing Ather’s design guidelines on the ground at the Retail Partners. For example, things like outdoor canopies, event setups, backdrops and standees, anything under the sun related to the product would pass through you

  • Your regional team members (Product Evangelists) will be known names in Ather’s vibrant customer Community & within the On-ground sales team. The Product Evangelist will be the person they remember and want to see again. They get our community to love what we have to offer and become a community who engages with us

  • The Product Evangelists need to collaborate with the community teams to co-create plans for their markets, manage the end to end executions and be the SPOC for standardized formats like Open House, Owner Rides etc. for that market.

  • You will understand engineering concepts, electric mobility paradigms and Ather’s brand strategy and break them down into easy to use collaterals which the on-ground teams can use to communicate with Ather’s consumers.

  • Your KPIs are growing “Engaged Advocates” (people who use, like and share about the product), conversion numbers and reviews of your events.

  • Your KPIs also include the number of converted ‘Co-evangelists’ within Ather & Retail Partner manpower. You are responsible for creating the training regime of the sales team. Make sure they become Ather Evangelists, deliver great experience and thereby growth

Here’s what we are looking for:

  • 7 to 10 years of On-ground experience in sales/retail/Marketing

  • Experience in event management/Project planning and customer engagement preferred

  • Experience in creating playbooks - retail design, training modules is a good to have

  • A passion for Ather and what we do is a must have

  • You love communicating and being among people. Comfortable with speaking publicly.

  • You are okay travelling up to 50% of the time

  • You love writing and are able to synthesize complex information into palpable concepts and are active on social media channels as well

You bring to Ather:

  • Your enthusiasm in understanding / learning about technical concepts/products/strategies and taking it to a wide set of target audiences

  • Your knowledge of communication strategies/systems and learning methods

  • A drive to scale up and provide quality interactions, repeatedly

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