Creative Communication Designer

You’ll be our: Communication Designer

You’ll be based at:IBC Knowledge Park, Bengaluru

You’ll be Aligned with:Senior Manager- Creative

You’ll be a member of:Creative Team

What you’ll do at Ather:

We are obsessed with design and designing better. It’s not just about the product but each and every element we create for the brand at Ather. For us, good design is a significant part of the all of things that come together to offer a great experience. Be it the product or an interaction on any of our touchpoints. 

While your short term responsibilities will be to design for all marketing and brand related requirements, the long term game is to build a creative lab within Ather, people who make innovative, exciting ideas for the brand.  

You will work on everything with applications of visual design - online and offline communication design, branding, packaging, campaigns, internal communication, etc. And you will do this while collaborating with a cross-functional team of designers, product managers, and engineers, which promises to be challenging and rewarding.

Here’s what we are looking for:

Years of experience do not really matter as long as you have an exceptional design aptitude. You could be a fresher, freelancer, experienced graphic designer currently working at one of the finest advertising agencies or boutique design studios in the country. 

What really matters is having a strong point of view on design and communication in general, ability to create effective design solutions and the courage to question the norm and pesky briefs. So does being able to collaborate with people towards the final design goal.

General frustration of making the logo bigger 10 times in a day, changing fonts according to client’s preference is not a requirement at this job but the skill to manage your ‘client’ and take them through the design process. Presenting the work, explaining the rationale, answering questions, and eliciting feedback need to be a part of your design process. Love for automobiles or engineering products will obviously be an advantage for you to be more engaged with the content. 

You bring to Ather: 

Design education while preferred is not a requirement. Let your work do the talking. Share your portfolio with us.

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