Creative Social Communications Executive

You’ll be our: Social Communications Executive

You’ll be based at: IBC Knowledge Park, Bengaluru

You’ll be Aligned with: Manager- Creative

You’ll be a member of: Marketing Team

At Ather, we operate on audacious goals (we’re selling an intelligent, electric 2W in a market dominated by decade old petrol bikes - we have to be audacious). Our communication needs to excite, entice, intrigue, provide information, drive action, raise awareness and give our audience a ‘thumb-stopping’ moment (often all at the same time). While we have multiple touchpoints to interact with our consumers, none give as much reach as social media.

We’re looking for someone to be the voice of brand Ather; to translate all of our strategy, ideas and insights into great pieces of content.  Someone who knows when to beat a drum and when to stay under the radar. Someone who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty and create something new (or rehash something older if the occasion demands it). This role is your opportunity to experiment. To think inside, outside, on top of, below, or at the very edge of the box depending on the situation and help achieve tangible business objectives.

What you’ll do at Ather:

  • Act as the mouthpiece of Ather on all social media channels and bring Ather's brand personality to life, without compromising on content or brand values.

  • Own the day-to-day content creation for these channels and be responsible for all outbound content and consumer interactions.

  • Keep an eye on internet trends and identify opportunities for the brand to participate in those trends.

  • Work with the brand and creative team to plan out a daily/weekly/monthly content calendar. This involves translating brand strategy and larger campaign-level objectives into smaller/daily content pieces. 

  • Work with designers, content writers, photographers, ideators, brand managers and digital marketers to bring your content ideas to life.

  • Bridge the information gap between internal (the team) and external (our consumers) by keeping a pulse on community sentiment and flagging off issues or concerns. 

  • Be an advocate for the brand in public - this includes answering questions, clarifying doubts, sharing information and managing interactions with evangelists, neutrals and the super haters (cos the thing about haters is they gonna hate). 

  • Track and record analytics to measure the effectiveness of the content you are putting out, identify audience trends and be ready to course correct if things aren’t working.

  • Bring alive the magic of our offline events onto the internet.

Here’s what we are looking for: 

  • Ability to translate strategy into daily and weekly content pieces.

  • In your element leveraging social media platforms (existing platforms where we have a presence or anything new that might pop up)

  • Time management, especially in the face of the occasional tight deadline. Selling vehicles might be a long game, but leveraging the internet is a quick and dirty game. Need to be adept at thinking quickly and jumping on to existing trends.

  • Language and communication - Write and use language to create the right brand perception with our audience. This means knowing when to say "You can't do that" vs "You should try doing this" (plus obviously proofreading and grammar checks)

  • Ability to put together simple designed posts, make small videos, shooting with mobile, quick edits etc. will make your job much easier.

  • Comfortable doing data analysis, namely tracking and analysing engagement metrics; identifying trends in audience behaviour. Experience with marketing automation tools will also make your job easier.

  • Staying calm, composed and collected. Social media can be a dark and difficult place to navigate, and handling a brand account means rising above it all.

  • Ask questions, point out new ways of doing things, say no when you disagree. If we wanted a mindless execution drone, we'd just invest in an AI bot.

You bring to Ather: 

  • 1-4 years of experience in a content creation role (bonus internet karma if it was customer facing).

  • A degree in communication and/or experience in an agency (digital or advertising) is preferred.

  • Passion, curiosity and ability to execute quickly are hard requirements.

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