At Ather, it is all about
passion and purpose.

The automobile industry is in the midst of a huge technological disruption. Today, electric is the preferred choice because of its inherent efficiency that will shape urban commute and the cities of tomorrow. In parallel, the world around us is getting connected, enabling integration of devices and making our life experiences seamless. Intelligent vehicles will revolutionize our commute experience in the future and the Ather 450 stands at the cusp of this exciting reality.

  • Ather CEO Tarun

    Fundraiser, morale keeper and day to day organisation manager who turns into a board game wizard by night.

  • Ather CTO Swapnil

    All things hardware, software, electronic, mechanical and more are under his purview and still makes time for photography.

  • Ather Chief Business Officer Ravneet

    Runs all functions of marketing, sales, after sales and AtherGrid through the week and marathons on the weekend.

  • Ather Chief Product Officer Arun

    The flagbearer of our Zero Compromise & Clean design philosophy, he leads the product design and development functions while raising a dog.

  • SVP Operations Thiru

    Between managing our suppliers, partners, prototyping and our factory, he also mentors entrepreneurs in IITM.

  • VP Finance karan

    When he is not paving the way for more robust financial processes at Ather, he is out on the road.

  • HR Head sunita

    Heads people function and works on initiatives to build the company culture, loves penning down short stories in her leisure hours.

  • VC General Counsel Pawan

    Leads our legal, IP, board & corporate governance affairs, while setting the tennis courts on fire.

Tarun Mehta

Fundraiser, morale keeper and day-to-day organisation manager who turns into a board game wizard by night.

Looking to get your hands dirty?

Passionate about building things? Looking for a place that you can call your lab, garage, studio, or home? We are looking for you!

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